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Explore the Seeds of Radiance courses, retreats, workshops, and offerings. Each course and offering is intended to move the soul, expand the breath, calm the mind, and truly deepen your connection to all that is.

Here you can find courses and retreats to support your personal transformation, enhance your spiritual practices, release old beliefs, and create new ways of moving, growing, and loving in the world.

If you are a practitioner, a coach, a teacher, or completely new to the idea of exploring powerful tools for transformation, you are in the right place at the right time.  Welcome to the field of possibility, "Where Spirit and Matter Meet".

Yoga Nidra Returns on First Fridays Beginning in October

Yoga Nidra is back on the First Friday of the month, online and live on Zoom.  I hope you'll join me for this beautiful, healing, and nourishing practice that encourages deep and profound relaxation and rest.  Our Fall classes will be on October 6th, November 3rd, and December 1st. Use the link below to register for the next class.  The fee is $16.00

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Foundations of Science of Mind & Spirit

The  Ten-Week Course + One 4 Hour Workshop

Tuesdays, 6:00PM-8:30PM - Begins September 12th
Workshop date - October 28th - 1-5PM

Facilitated by Kate Colby Nelson & Lesa Ramage at The Center for Spiritual Living Reno


In this life-transforming foundational class, you will be introduced to the basics of nine powerful universal principles of life through meditation, deep self-inquiry, and illuminating spiritual practices.

Each week will consist of the introduction of a spiritual principle and the exploration of spiritual practices that support it. We will dive deep into the creative process; understanding our relationship to life and life’s relationship to ourselves through a non-dualist lens.
We will discover and reveal concepts, beliefs, and ideologies surrounding those “big” topics of life:

God .  The Creative Process . Grace .  Wholeness

Relationships .  Abundance .  Living in the Flow of Life

Oneness . Death . Dying .  Immortality

Of the many courses offered through Centers for Spiritual Living, this newly revised course shakes up the cobwebs of the mind, answers the big questions, opens the heart, and expands the consciousness. We create a safe and supportive atmosphere to grow and explore while encouraging the deeper work of spirituality and well-being. 


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Fall is the Season to Cleanse and Detoxify the Body & the Mind

On September 21st we will welcome Fall 2023, transitioning into the energy of Vata, or air.  It is the perfect time of year to cleanse, reset, rebalance, and restore.  Learn about cleansing and detoxification for the body and the mind with my Introduction to The Five Elements Seven Day Chakra Cleanse Course.

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The Psoas & The Nervous System

Sunday, September 17th
12:00 PM-2:00 PM

Live Workshop at The Yoga Pod Reno

$40 non-members $36 members


  • Did you know the Psoas muscle is a bio-intelligent organ, connected deeply to our sense of relaxation, safety, and well-being?  
  • Let’s literally unravel the power and the mystery of the Psoas, the muscle of the Soul, with gentle asana and somatic movement. 
  • Explore the connection of the Psoas and the Vagus Nerve through pranayama 
  • Cultivate a new understanding of how the Psoas affects the way we move, sense, and relate to the environment around us. 
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Yoga Nidra for Shakti Meditation

In this Yoga Nidra practice, we use the path of deep relaxation to reveal the presence of Shakti, and invite the effulgence of her power, beauty, grace, and generosity to fill our being.

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Yoga Nidra for Manipura Chakra

Move your awareness to the fire element associated with Manipura Chakra to remove stagnation and ignite purification in the body and mind.

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Yoga Nidra Meditation for Gratitude

Cultivate deep and restorative relaxation for both the mind and body. Audio Format.

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Yoga Nidra Meditation, The Gifts of the Magi

Welcome and celebrate the season of light as we meditate on the gifts of the Magi; gold, frankincense, and myrrh as the aspects of divine light, consiousness, and the creative energy of life.

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Introduction to The Five Elements Seven Day Chakra Cleanse

A deep dive into the nitty gritty of cleansing and detoxification  with an introduction to the traditional chakra system as a tool for enhancing the cleansing experience.  Video format.

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The Intelligence of the Heart

This workshop shares the science behind heart intelligence, how it can be cultivated, and the physiological and social benefits that growing our heart intelligence can bring.

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Seeds of Radiance Retreats

Upcoming retreats in 2022-23 include Bali, Island of the gods and Maui, Reclaiming the Sacred. Spiritual Travel.

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Where Spirit and Matter Meet

The Neuroscience of Spiritual Practices                                      

A four week course considering the neuroscience of meditation, pranayama, mantra, and prayer.  Video Format

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Embodying Shakti

Explore Shakti as the energy, dynamism, and power of life.  Through myth, iconology study, and meditation we will learn the how the Divine Feminine permeates all of life. Three Week Course, Video Format

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