These are some of my favorite dog-eared, over-highlighted, and lovingly worn books that I highly recommend. 

Below you can find books that I return to again and again for reference and inspiration in my teaching and personal spiritual studies.  You'll find books for every aspect of life; spirituality, relationships, personal growth, work and service, financial well-being, and health.

Near Enemies of the Truth

Christopher Wallis

Written in a gentle and encouraging tone, this book offers a wealth of insight and guidance for anyone who finds themselves struggling, reaching a spiritual plateau, or simply seeking a more meaningful way forward. This timely companion will help you think differently and see through the smokescreens to what is more deeply true.  

I love this book for so many reasons, as a spiritual practitioner and teacher I often share these ‚Äúnear truths‚ÄĚ, and they are used in positive psychology, coaching, and self-development circles, yet they can lack the in-depth examination and crucial discussion that Wallis provides.

Does everything happen for a reason?¬† Do we create our reality?¬† Do we need to re-incarnate to ‚Äėlearn a lesson‚Äô?

Near Enemies of the Truth is a beautiful and concise read, notably scholastic in its presentation, and worthy of a place on your book shelf.

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"Wisdom is the indwelling sense of our relationship to the world, it is the Soul’s way we see in the dark"

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