What Students and Clients are Saying

I love seeing the world through Kate’s lens.  Her study of Science of Mind teachings and significant knowledge of Hindu ideology influence all of her offerings, and indeed, are infused in every breath she takes.  One of my favorite things about Kate is that she lives every moment into her beliefs.  These are her guiding principles and you can tell just by watching her move in the world.  Such integrity is, in itself, inspiring.  My second favorite thing about Kate is the brilliance of her Yoga Nidra and other meditations.  To create a flowing meditation that is full of beauty and meaning is a true divine gift.  Her gentle and inviting voice presents these amazing creations in a way that welcomes us all into her world.  You don’t have to be interested in Hindu mythology to fall in love with Kate’s offerings.  But if you attend with an open heart, you are likely to be stirred by the stories she tells and find relevance to your own story. 

G. Moore, Reiki Master and Artist, Yoga Nidra student, Workshop attendee

As both a yoga student and a yoga instructor, I admire and appreciate Kate‚Äôs teaching. The flow-style classes that she instructs are physically demanding but manageable for yogis of various levels; students experience challenge but still leave her classes feeling successful. Because of Kate‚Äôs extensive knowledge regarding yoga mythology and philosophy, her classes are more than just exercise events‚ÄĒthey are enriching, educational, and encourage personal growth.¬†

I often urge my own students to visit Kate’s classes to work on refining their connection to breath and foster a better understanding of the history of yoga. She adds so much to my own practice, and I know that as her influence expands so many more students will experience the same progress on their mats that I’ve encountered with Kate as my guide.

M. Romo-Elliker, Yoga Educator & Practitioner

‚ÄúI have been touched by Kate Colby Nelson in many ways....First of all, I love her joy and her heart.¬† Her writings and story telling are profound and inspiring.¬†Her creative mind expresses itself in so many different modalities: children books, inspired writings, rituals that speak of the earth and of the feminine principle as life, spiritual and holistic health approaches......and a deep commitment to spiritual transformation.¬† I love when she teaches as she comes across as caring and is an inspiring teacher. I also love her dedication to traditional Yoga and her awareness.¬† I am so grateful.‚Ä̬†

S. Moonjay, Licensed Spiritual Practitioner

‚ÄúKate is an authentic Holistic Practitioner and Teacher.¬† Her Teachings are taught with integrity to maintain the original and purest form. ¬†¬†Her eye and detail for beauty, presents itself with all that she does.¬†Whether she is guiding a meditation, reading or writing a spiritual message, teaching a class, or leading a ceremony, you will be inspired through spirit and guided in love.‚Ä̬†¬†

T. Cole, Holistic Health Client, Yoga Student, and Retreat Participant

"I have had the pleasure of teaching Spiritual Principles with Kate. Kate is not only an experienced instructor, she is a living example of Spiritual Principles in action. She is a master at being present for every student with heartfelt listening, thoughtful connections, and the ability to engage them in exploring the power and personal gifts of living a spiritually-principled life."  

J. Horner, RScP and Hospice Chaplain

I have had the pleasure of taking classes from Kate for several years and I feel like I leave with something new on every occasion. I often utilize many of her body alignment instructions because they have not only assisted in the progression of my own practice but I am able to see growth in those who join my classes as well. Kate has a knack for teaching a challenging class while still making it joyful. I absolutely love her eloquent references to nature’s creatures, she always makes me smile while I work incredibly hard to maintain my balance and breath! Kate’s knowledge of yoga philosophy is extensive and I appreciate how she fully embraces my curiosity for learning. Her passion shines through as she lights up the room when leading a class or even between classes when chatting about all things yoga. I recently attended Kate’s workshop on Mudras and I could have listened to her the entire day, the two hours just flew by. Kate’s enthusiasm for her subject matter is infectious and I look forward to many more classes and workshops from her.

Hilary Hewlett, Yoga Educator & Practitioner

‚ÄúI have been taking yoga classes for years and can honestly say that Kate's teaching style has been the absolute pinnacle. ¬†Kate weaves in chakra work with her yoga teaching¬†that creates a powerful and deep yogic experience. ¬†The practice brings awareness to each chakra in turn, stimulating and balancing¬†the energetic body through¬†the conscious¬†movement of the physical body.¬†¬†¬†She has an in-depth knowledge and background in¬†anatomy and kinesiology which are reflected in the care she takes for providing adaptations/options as well as the adjustments that she encourages that I have found can shift the experience I have in a pose completely.¬† Her teaching provides a yoga experience that feels powerfully connected to a sense of sacredness.‚Ä̬†¬†

D. Anders, Yoga Student

"Life is like a river, in it, we experience deepening eddies, churning white water, and sweet sublime flow, at times we all need support for navigating the wilds of life; a river guide that knows the curves and hollows and that, through perennial principles, can take us safely from bend to bend." 

Just like life itself sometimes working with me is deep and profound and at others, it is light and playful. 
I am inspired by ancient wisdom, spiritual truth, and universal laws, and have had the wonderful good fortune of studying with exceptional teachers who have shared their knowledge, expertise, and wisdom with me through the years.
It brings me so much joy to create and offer individual sessions, courses, group classes, workshops, and travel retreats. 
I am an impassioned teacher and lifelong learner. Thank you to all the many students who take this journey with me, it is my joy.
Om & Blessings, Kate

"Begin to shed what keeps you hidden and dulls your light.  Move your Soul against the rough bark and dry branches, taking in their wild fragrance. Peel off your old layers in the forest of new beginnings." 

GROW   |   MOVE   |    LOVE

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