“Offer up any part of yourself that needs to fall to the earth, like petals from marigolds, and the ash of incense.”

"Sliced between busy and languid, between the overwrought and the underdone, there is a branch asking to be your perch.
Place yourself alight in the world, drink in the colors, the fragrances, the gentle speech of nature, and listen to the barely perceptible hum of lace leafed flyers.
It is a lost language that slips down through the in between."
GROW      |      MOVE      |      LOVE

Yoga Practices

Yoga is an art, a science, and a philosophy.  The practice of Yoga may include asana (postures), mantra, meditation, pranayama, actions of mindfulness, and the study of Yoga texts.

Depending on the lineage of Yoga there may be mudras and  chakra work as well.  The intention of Yoga is to strengthen the body, focus the mind, and connect to the Divine nature within.

It is always really about returning to the Self, with a capital S; returning to the truest expression of your being.  

The path of Yoga is one of dedication and practice.  It is a gradual and beautiful journey for the body, mind, and spirit.  

Many people in the West begin their journey through postural Yoga and expand their studies to include more of the practices.  Personalized Yoga and small group Yoga are a way to grow and deepen your current practice and expand your knowledge and understanding of Yoga philosophy through a traditional lens.  Personal Yoga for beginners, or those who may need therapeutic considerations, allows the student to learn about and grow their practice at their own pace.

Current Yoga Practices Available

  • Asana - Tuesday & Thursday - Yoga Pod
  • Personal & Small Group - Contact Kate for pricing and scheduling
  • Personalized Meditation Practice (recorded by request)
  • Monthly Yoga Nidra Meditation - Check here for current schedule
  • Also available - Yoga and Meditation Retreats for your team or group - send an inquiry and share a little bit about your vision

Contact Kate for Questions