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 Myth, Mantra,

& Meditation

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Join licensed practitioner Kate Colby Nelson for this powerful course in self-discovery through the medium of Mythology, Meditation, Mantra, Journaling, and Discussion. 

Tuesday Evenings 6:30 PM-8:15 PM  |  June 21st - July 26th  | $90
Center for Spiritual Living Reno  | 4685 Lakeside Drive, Reno NV
What makes Myths such an important part of the human experience?
Why does Mythology cross every culture and religion while remaining timeless and meaningful?
  • We see ourselves, others, and all of the human condition in the telling of Myths

  • By unraveling the metaphors and unlocking the allegories we unravel and unlock parts of our own hero’s journey

  • Rich in meaning, spiritual symbolism, and sage wisdom, Myths connect us to the primal journey of life that we all share

  • Through the telling of six powerful myths we will unpack the meaning for our own lives and begin to tell our own story


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Kate Colby Nelson has been helping people find their center and live in alignment through movement and spiritual study and practice for over 40 years. She combines the ancient art of meditation and contemplation with science-based healing practices to provide you with a dynamic experience sure to change your life.

She has a deep love for the mythic lens and shares the power of storytelling in a way that connects the listener to the potentiality of their own story.