The Unstruck Place - February 2022

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 Dear Ones,

The Universe moves in incredibly beautiful ways, mysterious, and enigmatic ways at times, in ways that make you stretch your understanding, make you hunker down in the deep ravines of your heart. It moves in ways that might oscillate your faith like a subtle quake, asking you to go ahead and stand completely still on the shaking ground and trust that all is truly well. It is always on the move, it is always afoot, and either we lean into it, press ourselves cheek to cheek with it, slow dance it around the floor of life, or we wait for a better song.  The better song is now.

"Don't be afraid to love deeply, don't listen to the smallness of fear or veiled shyness, let your heart speak, let your love and appreciation for this very moment move you into an awareness of connectedness with all things. It is a beautiful day to let the conversation of your heart become a love song."


When was the last time you stopped and pulled into the center of your Heart?  Just to be with it? To have a felt sense of its nature?  Not because it's part of a routine or established habit, a thing to do in your daily spiritual practices....but because it is the very seat of your Soul, the keeper of love, the cave in which the true Self dwells?

Breathe exquisitely deep.  Place your hands over your heart center.  Can you feel the song of the heart, the steady beat of life singing to you? 

Cultivate deep gratitude, a deep appreciation for this sweet tempo, for its unabashed generosity, cradle the heart in your mind.  In this state of appreciation allow feelings of love and connection to flow through your heart to your hands, slow dance around the dancefloor of life,  allowing the tenderness of this feeling to expand in ever-increasing waves outward.  Seek any part of yourself that would benefit from this love, this unconditional acceptance, and allow the waves of the heart to saturate and permeate every aspect of your being.

Om & Blessings, Kate



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