New Beginnings - March 2022

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Dear Ones,

Can you feel it?  Can you feel the energy of Spring?  There is a shift from the slow deep shadows of Winter into the fresh exhilaration of light now.  Spring begins to awaken as her shimmering ice melts create rivulets of abundance and promise, darting their way through mountains and fields.  All of life wakes and stirs and remembers their wintery intentions, to bloom, to stretch, to grow, to reach for the sun.  What is it that you would like to unfold in your life, how will you be, like that fresh green blade of grass pushing itself towards the light, or perhaps a thundering Spring storm that soaks all the way to the bones of your Soul?  


I am Love, said Spring

I am that promise of renewal that follows the long and cold nights of winter. I appear as a kiss on the breeze with just a small hint of warmth, 

I slowly awaken the insects to chirp symphonies of my name at twilight.

I am Love, said Spring

I am a bud so tightly woven that each and every bird sings for my expectant bloom.

I am that ambient being that cloaks the hillsides with emeralds and hangs vines of jasmine, heady with fragrance, across the moon and the stars. I am the squeak on the porch chair and the dew point calling you in from the pink-purple evening chill.

I am Love, said Spring

Just when you thought the dark earthen mother would not soften into her thaw, I have arrived, or so you say, as I always do. Why don’t you trust me? 

From blossom to fruit I have never failed you.

I am Love, said Spring

I prepare you for the growing season with light showers and wildflowers in the fields.

I whisper for you to lay down in the softness of lush green earth and to see the Sky with the eyes of your heart as if seeing it for the very first time. So blue and so vibrant in every direction, the Sky knows the Truth of who I am, and shows you patiently again and again, and again, in the only language it knows.

I am Love, said Spring

I withhold nothing and give everything, look at the newborn calves and foals, look at all of nature's bounty, the opening blush of mother earth, it’s magnificent...

Is it not?

And yet above all, above all the freshness, and untethered wild abandon of Nature, there is a field. There is a field which I have tilled with eternality, with light, tender care, and unbound joy. It is the field of pure is the field that is your verdant and fecund heart.

I am love, said Spring


As you embrace the energy of Spring, the abundance and givingness, the renewal and creative power all around you, what three things can you be grateful for this moment?

What aspect of your life right now could benefit from the creative energy of Spring?  What aspect is calling for renewal, focus, and attention?  Keep it simple, just one area of your life that would benefit from your focused awareness right now.

What three action steps could you take today to support your area of focused awareness?  Just three.

Ask your Self, "Is there anything else I can do today that would anchor me in the flow of life and energy of Spring?"

Om & Blessings! Kate


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