December 2021

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Dear Ones,

As we call in the season of light, the merrymaking, quiet and sweet connections, and the reverence for the love of the season, take time to pause, to be with this season, feel the length of days, feel the shapeshifting of light and shadows. Spend time watching the clouds, the storms rolling in and out, marvel at the horizon whenever you can. Laugh a little bit more, and be fully in the moment when joy shows up without reason.   Well up with gratitude for the tender hearts of humanity and for the Love and Energy that created it. Be the Light.

Dear Ones, This is No Ordinary Night, This is the Solstice.

 "The chill in the air hugs our breath in fine white veils of loveliness, moving ever so effortlessly from within to within and to within again.

The streets, slick with frost, reflect the lights, the moon, the stars,
like a watercolor painting of brilliant golds, reds, and greens.
Inside the houses, the fires burn and lap at the chill,
and smoke makes its way through the night like genies released from their bottles.

The earth slowly shifts into the deepest of darks, wrapping herself into her own creative folds. She closes her eyes and slips into her darkened solstice sleep.

Here in the dark, she sings to her seeds, the thoughts planted deep in her belly by the minds of the one mind.

Each inch of her fertile soil is receiving trillions of thoughts, the world’s conscious desires, its hopes, dreams, and the dandelion forest of sleepless nights.

It’s here in the dark where all the seeds sprout, busting free from their soft little shells, trillions of possibilities all germinating in sweet contentment,
moving into form in the substance of divine potentiality.

The branches are bare, the last leaves have fallen, and the world falls to sleep as the sun lays down early, on this shortest day of the year, pressing its long golden body into the horizon.

But here, right here, in that deepest moment of darkness is the promise of the light returning.

Here on this Solstice evening, where the sky is black and the earth is plum purple, here where the frost lays in sparkling repose, and the cold whispers ‘I love You'  to the ground, here the earth roll and turns towards the warmth once again, and the darkness slides its beautiful arms down to its sides and just lets go.

Like a love you haven’t seen in a while, the light returns, tender, sweet, and shy at first, then brilliant, wrapping you in its loving embrace.

And earth stretches her blues and greens, and winter softens itself into the drips of pure melting serenity.

This is no ordinary night, this is the Solstice, the day where light returns, where the seeds of creation burst forth from their deep incubation, pushing upwards to the warmth, so new, so fragile, and so green, beautiful shoots of what is to come.

Shoots of joy, peace, and harmony, shoots of abundance, prosperity, and above all love.

Shoots of every child fed and held, shoots of every country free, shoots of a planet thriving in health and oh so sustainable, shoots of giddy heart-centered connections, and a life where everyone says good morning and good night.

All these shoots, curly and tangled in the one root, finding their foothold in the Body of God.

Is there one last thing you wish to bring into the light?

Is there some desire, some beauty within you that yearns for illumination?
Name it, love it, embrace its shapeless form, for this is the time, this is the season, this is the night when the light is seeking you, and every darkened corner is lit, every shadow is welcome, and every being and everything is awash with Holy brilliance. The stars in the velvet sky can not outshine your eternal lamp, so shine. Shine dear ones, for this, is no ordinary night, this is the Solstice, this is the return of light."      
(c) 2013 


 As we move towards the Solstice what have you noticed about the light around you?  Have you seen the shadows differently? 

The dark winter days seem lifeless but knowing that underneath the soil there is such activity of seeds, deep in the womb, bulbs, and roots all gaining strength, ready for the longer days and the warmth.  What seeds have you already planted, what is in the womb of creation, germinating for you right now?

What is the desire, the beauty within you that is yearning for manifestation?


Om & Blessing!


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