November 2021

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Dear Ones,

Fall has settled in, here in the foothills of the Sierras. We've been rejoicing in the rainfall, so desired and always welcome in the high desert.  It's been falling for days now, so heavy and constant, saturating the earth, she is getting her long awaited drink.  The leaves, so brilliantly colored in their jewell like splendor are dropping to the ground, like a blanket, covering, nourishing, and pressing themselves into connection, becoming one with the soil, one with the possibility of rest, deep rest.  I invite you to come into the rhythm of nature, the nourishment of this season.  I invite you to come home.


Come Home

The air outside is cold but your breath is warm within. Your heart is talking slowly, keeping perfect rhythm with the steady pulse of the Universe, a slow dance with the all that is.

Sit awhile and rest. Release the gravity from the temple of your body and settle into the soft pad of the Earth.

Peel off the layers of the day, the things, and doings of life without wings.

Set them aside, one by one. Make a soft pile beside your chair. Make a pile of all the chatter, the circular thoughts, the lists, and the chores to do.

Peel off more layers, adding them to the pile, the ‘I should haves’, the ‘what ifs’, all the ‘that wasn’t good enough’, and every last little ‘there is not enough time’.

Place your hand softly upon the layers and say, “Not now, I am returning to my Self, I am going home to the nature of my being.”

At first it feels too dark, too deep, too unfamiliar, but don’t turn away. You have been on this journey since the beginning of time. You have touched the innermost Self and lived eternally in its folds. You’ve taken this road so many times you can feel its curves in your body and every bump is like reading in brail that this is the way. The compass of your heart will never fail you, you are returning to the Self, coming home to the nature of your being.

You do not have to move, or fuss, or direct, or plan, you are here. Stand at the threshold and turn the handle worn smooth through time and passage. Come home, come in. Be still.

Rest here. Recline in this interval of deep abiding peace. Just Rest. Press against any barrier resistant to letting go, allow it to be worn smooth by your touch, like water does to stone, until at last, it gives in becoming one with the flow, moving through every apparent tributary, filling deep and quiet lakes.

Rest here in the still body of the Infinite, one with its peaceful waters, where there are no shores, no beginnings, and no ends.

This is home, the nature of your being. Come home often, rest here deep and long, for there is no better place for your heart to be than home.

Self Reflection

When was the last time you sat quietly without your 'layers'?

Do you feel resistance to being completely still?  Ask your heart why, and listen deeply.

When you touch the infinite nature of your being, deep within your heart what feelings, images, or memories arise? Can it be captured with words or is it ineffable?

OM & Blessings, Kate



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