Every Great Journey Starts With a First Step.

Kate Colby Nelson, MA, Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, Mentor, Author, Yoga Philosophy Educator, and Health & Well-Being guide has thoughtfully curated practices and courses to help you create a life you love to live.
Start exploring offerings and courses in Meditation, Yoga Philosophy, Science of Mind, and Spiritual Practices.
When it’s time to get growing, move forward in your heartfelt desires, and love the life you are creating come to Seeds of Radiance, the place “Where Spirit and Matter Meet.”  
"When was the last time you heard the call of your own voice? 
Call out, at the top of your lungs, go ahead and lift the roof off of the barn, scatter the owls from their roost, and rattle the lanterns in the breeze.
 In your wild call you will find a secret language, like the conversation one hears between two blades of grass, or when a bow touches the strings of a forgotten violin."
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